Register your scoot

Need help?

We register scoots every week and are more than happy to talk you through the process and help however we can.

The first two things you'll need are a dating certificate (click here) and to make sure that if it's been imported that its on the HMRC database. After that its plain sailing! Please be aware that the DVLA now insist on the dating certificate being no older than 12 months so if yours is out of date you will need to order a new one.

To check if your scooter has been declared as being in the UK with HMRC call 0300 322 7071 and be ready to give your frame number. If you didn't import it yourself you can still register it on the database, if it was purchased from a trader then the trader must put it on the database for you. Currently no VAT is due on scooters imported from mainland Europe. Scooters from India or outside of the EU will require a payment of import duty before it can be put on the database.

What next...

You will need a V55/5 (this is not downloadable, you can obtain one either order from the DVLA directly or check to see if we have one), a dating certificate, an MOT 'if' your scoot is 1978 or newer, a cheque for £55 and a cheque for any road tax due. You will finally need two forms of photographic ID.

Its not as scary as it seems, only a few sections on the V55/5 apply to scooterists.

MOT Exemption

As of May 20th 2018 vehicles aged 40 years or older are now MOT exempt. This is a 'rolling' date so as of May 20th this year it will apply to vehicles registered prior to 1979.

Tax Exemption

Historic vehicles are exempt from road tax if they are 40 years old or older.